How to join?

Step 1: Watch the onboarding video

It's at the end of this page 👇

Step 2: Complete the registration form and join with HelloAsso

We ask you to complete a form which allows us to know our members better (desires, needs, skills, etc.)

Once the registration form is completed you will be redirected to HelloAsso to complete your Boavizta's membership Boavizta.

You have the choice of contribution:

  • Individual: the possibility of a free contribution is offered for people who feel the need (without proof)

  • Organization: you join under the title of your organization, we mention your logo in our partners.

Membership in the association includes complete acceptance of the manifesto and internal regulations.

Step 3: Access our tools

When step 2 is finalized, you will receive a welcome email as well as your access to our tools (chat, wiki, etc.).

Step 4: Introduce yourself to the collective

We invite you to introduce yourself in our internal chat/conversation tool as well as at the association's next virtual meeting. This will be an opportunity to exchange with other members and offer your skills.

I join Boavizta

What if I want to know more about how Boavizta works?

Here is our onboarding video to learn everything about Boavizta before joining us:

Onboarding video

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why join?

    Boavizta membership allows you to:

    • support a cause that is close to your values

    • participate in enriching, meaningful and shared projects

    • train yourself with expert presentations in our bi-monthly virtual meeting

    • exchange with many Green IT experts


  • I don't have much time, is it worth joining?

    Any help, even occasional help, is appreciated. We segment mission needs to facilitate one-off intervention for members who could not commit regularly.

    Here is an estimate of the time observed according to the profiles:

    • Active member: 1 hour per week

    • Project contributor: From 2 hours to 4 hours per week

    • Project manager: From 4 hours to 1 day per week

    Obviously, the level of participation can change over time depending on the availability of the member or the evolution of the projects.

  • How is the contribution used?

    1/ To cover the operating costs of the association:

    • Recurring technical costs (domain name, site hosting, wiki, API, tools).

    • One-off communication costs (Kakémono, posters)

    • Possible travel costs for members to come and represent Boavizta at certain events.

    • Insurance (mainly legal coverage).

    2/ Have a reserve to cover exceptional costs:

    • Legal advice fees, intellectual property.

    Contributions do not cover the financing of employees of the association.

  • How much cost the contribution ?

    You can choose between several contributions:
    - Individual (natural person): €20 or free (without proof of conditions)
    - Organization (legal entity):
    <50 employees: €100
    >50 employees: €1000

  • How long is the membership?

    Your membership is for one year by default. You will be required to renew it on your anniversary date.

  • I have another question

    You can ask us on our public chat Mattermost or in the contact form.

I join Boavizta